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The Quote Garden
Website Timeline & News

2016 March 3rd: Joined LibraryThing,

2015 April 13th: Started posting my journal entries and poetry to Inkpots & Daydreams blog, at By long-time request of visitors who would like to have access to my writings all in one place.

2015 February 11th: Starting work on a mobile-friendly redesign of The Quote Garden. New things are coming soon. "He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery." ~Harold Wilson

2014 October 11th: Discontinued create your own quote contests on Twitter. It was fun, but unfortunately I barely get any entries anymore.

2014 May 1st: Joined Pinterest, Finally. Thanks, Kae.

2014 January 12th: Stopped accepting quotation submissions from visitors. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to keep up with it. Actually, I never did have enough time but finally gave in and put out the official stop.

2012 December 31st: Changed themed site images from colored insects and butterflies to colorful quotation marks.

2012 March 4th: Setup page,

2010 September 26th: Joined Tumblr,

2009 July 6th: Started doing create your own quote contests on Twitter.

2009 June 5th: Joined Flickr,

2009 April 12th: Began The Quote Garden Blog, at

2009 March 12th: Joined Twitter, @quotegarden. Thanks, Colleen.

2007 May 3rd: Read my first book from Google Book Search! Google is digitizing old public domain books and making them available to one and all. How exciting! My first read is Guesses at Truth by Two Brothers from 1827, and I am hooked. They even have a 217-page quotation compilation from 1896. Will be back for more old treasures!

2006 November 1st: Moved QuoteHug from subsite of The Quote Garden to its own domain,

2005 August 6th: Removed Dock & Thistle site. Plan is to focus on The Quote Garden and use all the quotes there instead. Too time-consuming to maintain multiple sites.

2004 October 22nd: Due to increased site traffic and the ever-increasing costs of web hosting, etc., I can no longer support the site via donations alone. Began placing advertising on the site after nearly 3 years of being ad‑free on my own (for the first three and a half years, GeoCities had ads on their sites with the free hosting option — I neither shared in revenue nor had to pay for hosting, so those first years were financially a wash). I hate to do it, but I'd rather give in to ads than to close the site altogether. I've been running it at a loss since September 2001 when I had to get paid hosting. I plan to stop accepting donations now. I sure hope this doesn't put me in the Universe's long list of people who sold their souls. But as an old boss of mine used to say, "I have an addiction to groceries."

2004 October 19th: Removed PicoSearch site search.

2004 September 25th: Found out that my great-grandmother Amy collected inspirational quotations and verses in a notebook during the early to mid-1900s.

2004 September 1st: My first in-print quotation published, in Baby Unique, a book by David Ellwand (Templar Publishing). "It was the tiniest thing I ever decided to put my whole life into."

2004 May 16th: Final Daily Harvest email. Cannot continue, spam blocking has become too much of an issue. But I will continue to post it at the top of the homepage every day.

2004 February 15th: Added Google site search.

2003 November 27th: Redesigned The Quote Garden to leaves, grass, and colorful insects design. Removed custom images from each topic and page, changed to a standard design for all pages. Site maintenance has become too burdensome, navigation needs to be easier for visitors, and bandwidth is becoming an issue.

2003 February 1st: The site's first in-print reference! is mentioned in the February 2003 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

2002 December 24th: Began The Quote Garden Daily Harvest free quote of the day email service.

2002 December 21st: Added PayPal as an option for donating to The Quote Garden to assist with hosting costs.

2002 October 18th: Added "Daily Harvest" quote of the day section to The Quote Garden homepage.

2002 September 9th: Added "Hot Topics" section to The Quote Garden homepage to showcase the most popular pages.

2002 May 31st: Created Quotable Tattoo, a photo gallery of visitor-submitted tattoos that are based on or inspired by quotations.

2002 April 21st: Created Dock & Thistle, a small subsite of my personal favorite quotations.

2001 December 26th: Due to the increasing costs of maintaining the site, a page was added to accept online donations via's Honor System.

2001 September 29th: Moved The Quote Garden from GeoCities to my own domain, Thanks so much to Molly (QuoteMeOnIt), Mike (The Spirit of Gardening), and Steve (Grand Slam Computing) for your help and advice! Added PicoSearch site search.

2000 May 18th: Created QuoteHug on GeoCities, for the inspirational warm and fuzzy quotations, at Merged Quotations That Make a Statement and Quoterrific! into The Quote Garden, at

2000 April 15th: Created Quoterrific! on GeoCities for the offbeat quotations, at

1999 December 17th: Remodeled Quotations That Make a Statement to beige textured background design with daisies.

1998 March 18th: Created Quotations That Make a Statement and Quotations, Philosophy, and Life, on GeoCities at Homemade green marbled design with a Hotmail email address.

1986 October 27th: Wrote The Scarlet Letter essay for class, harvesting my first set of literary quotations. The obsession begins!

Copyrights & Sites by Date

“Quotations will tell the full measure of meaning,
if you have enough of them.”  -James Murray

  • Terri's Collection of Quotations (a.k.a. Hawthorne's List) © 1986–1998
  • Quotations, Philosophy, and Life © 1998–2000
  • Quotations That Make a Statement © 1998–2000
  • The Quote Garden © 2000–present
  • Quoterrific! © 2000
  • QuoteHug © 2000–present
  • Spirit Sans Nonsense © 2000–2005
  • Quote It Forward © 2000–2018
  •, acquired 2001
  • Dock & Thistle © 2002–2005
  • Quotable Tattoo © 2002–2018
  • quoT&Ations for Men (a.k.a. Quotes for Blokes) © 2002–2018
  • The Quote Garden Daily Harvest © 2002–present
  •, acquired 2006
  •, acquired 2007
  • Inkpots & Daydreams © 2015–present

Trademark Notices

  • "The Quote Garden" name is a trademark of Terri Guillemets, first public use and first public use online 2000 May 18th. Renamed from "Quotations That Make a Statement" first published 1998 March 18th.
  • The "QuoteHug" name is a trademark of Terri Guillemets, first public use and first public use online 2000 May 18th.
  • The "Quotable Tattoo" name is a trademark of Terri Guillemets, first public use and first public use online 2002 May 31st.
  • "The Quote Garden Daily Harvest" is a trademark of Terri Guillemets, first public use and first public use online 2002 October 18th.
  • The "I dig old books" slogan is a trademark of Terri Guillemets, first offline use 2007 May 3rd, first online use 2015 June 28th.
  • "Inkpots & Daydreams" is a trademark of Terri Guillemets, first offline use 2010 March 1st, first online use 2015 April 13th.

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