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Clouds as Tumbleweeds

The sky had darkened to deep purple. Tattered clouds blew by like tumbleweeds. ~Michael Modzelewski, Inside Passage, 1991

The day he arrived the wind was high, tossing clouds across a gray sky like tumbleweeds across a gray desert. ~Camilla Bittle, "The Man Who Came Home," 1971 the sickly colored clouds, rolling like tumbleweeds, dimmed the light of day. ~Eugene Kennedy, Queen Bee, 1982

Off to the right the mountains showed a hemline of snow; where they were, the clouds roamed like tumbleweeds. Pools of sunshine darted among the shadows. ~Richard Barre, The Innocents, 1995

Overhead, small soft white clouds chased like tumbleweed across the blue sky. ~Helen Macinnes, Decision at Delphi, 1960

And then, as dark clouds ran like tumbleweed before a wind gusting out of the northwest... ~William S. Ellis, "Bangladesh: Hope Nourishes a New Nation," 1972

Fog was still rollin like tumbleweed clouds... ~Al Young, Seduction by Light, 1982

colossal magnificent billowing glowing-grey rust-fringed monsoon clouds
roll swiftly across a vast dusty-blue desert sky like electrified tumbleweeds
~Terri Guillemets, "Dust & sparks," 2007

I would watch the clouds mass at the mountaintops. Rolling like tumbleweed down the slopes, they would fatten as they came. ~H. R. F. Keating, "The Sheriff of Bombay," 1984

Deep black, brown, and gray cloud banks were shifting across the sky like tumbleweed across the plains. ~Field and Stream, 1967

Snow swirls into silvery clouds, like tumbleweed, around the storefronts. ~John Motoviloff, "Drifting through Viola," 2001

This starts when, in the far-off Sahara to the south, the harsh desert wind or khamsin begins to churn. It sweeps across the Mediterranean, rolling clouds like tumbleweeds, then dumps them on the Rock whence they trickle down dismally into Gib town. ~Coronet, 1953

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