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Quotations about the Color Blue

Welcome to my page of quotations about blue — the color of our gorgeous skies, topaz, sapphire, butterflies, cornflowers, blueberry ice cream!  —ღ Terri

The expression of blue is one of purity. It pleases the poet by its immaterial and celestial character. It is, moreover, of all colours, that which ascends the highest, and descends the lowest in the scale. It may be suitable in its light shade for the dress of an innocent maiden, and in its dark for romantic affections and evening thoughts... solitude, mystery, and silence. ~Charles Blanc, "Personal Adornment: Colours and Their Expression," Art in Ornament and Dress, 1875, translated from French

There are connoisseurs of blue just as there are connoisseurs of wine vintages. ~Colette (1873–1954), "Blue," for a flower album, translated

The Lake of Shining Waters was blue — blue — blue; not the changeful blue of spring, nor the pale azure of summer, but a clear, steadfast, serene blue, as if the water were past all moods and tenses of emotion and had settled down to a tranquility unbroken by fickle dreams. ~L. M. Montgomery, "The Shadow of Change," Anne of the Island, 1915

There were times when I could feel my soul turning a delicate blue. ~L. M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island, 1915

I've been feeling a little blue — just a pale, elusive azure. It isn't serious enough for anything darker. ~L. M. Montgomery, "In the Park," Anne of the Island, 1915 blue ocean seen,
Blue, darkly, deeply, beautifully blue,
In all its rich variety of shades,
Suffused with glowing gold.
~Robert Southey, Madoc in Wales, 1805

I never get tired of the blue sky.. ~Vincent van Gogh, letter, 1889

Blue is the universal love in which man bathes — it is the terrestrial paradise. ~Derek Jarman (1942–1994), "Into the Blue," Chroma: A Book of Colour — June '93, 1994

BLUE  The only color we can feel. ~Charles Wayland Towne, The Foolish Dictionary, Executed by Gideon Wurdz, Master of Pholly, Doctor of Loquacious Lunacy, etc., 1904

What is blue? the sky is blue
Where the clouds float thro'.
~Christina G. Rossetti, Sing-Song: A Nursery Rhyme Book, 1872

Blue is a cold and retiring colour, and its effect upon the mind is of a quiet, soothing nature. It is symbolical of divinity, intelligence, sincerity, and tenderness. ~W. J. & G. A. Audsley, Taste versus Fashionable Colours: A Manual for Ladies on Colour in Dress, 1863

It's all about colour and texture. It's about being outside in the middle of deciduous forest, the tall grasses and rustling leaves. You can take one maple leaf and see almost all the colours of the rainbow in it — although you would need your imagination to see blue. ~Dorthe Eisenhardt, 2004

...The wind
Of green blooms turning crisped the motley hue
To clearing opalescence. Then the sea
And heaven rolled as one and from the two
Came fresh transfigurings of freshest blue.
~Wallace Stevens, "Sea Surface Full of Clouds," 1924–1930

Some of the most beautiful blues and purples in nature, for instance, are those of mountains in shadow against amber sky... ~John Ruskin, "Colour," 1870

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