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Create Your Own Quote Contest
2009 July 6th

"Under every full moon..."

On July 6th 2009, I ran a contest on Twitter, @quotegarden, to create your own quote beginning with the phrase "under every full moon." Below are the results. –ღTerri


Under every full moon, a woolgathering world idles. ~Lorraine, @Larked

Honorable Mentions

Under every full moon a new day is being born. ~J. Darren Hicks, @darrenhicks

Under every full moon, memories stir of the dreamers we were. ~Robert Brault, @RobertBrault1

Under every full moon lies a reflection of the stars, and under every star lies a reflection of someone's soul. ~Ruthie Fer Shure, @ruthberto

Under every full moon the wine is sweeter and never runs dry. ~J. Darren Hicks, @darrenhicks

Under every full moon there's a star within your reach making your impossible dreams come true. ~@Joey_T

Under every full moon love brays, love frays, and in the end love obeys. ~Lise, @Lise_the_Twit

Under every full moon the dew is sweet, love is fresh, peace is life. ~J. Darren Hicks, @darrenhicks

Under every full moon, there's light that brings joy to us during night. ~@Lauren Shea, @LaurenSheaa

Under every full moon sits a wishing child. ~Nicole Patrick, @nicolepatrick26

Under every full moon, our hopes and dreams travel its beams. ~Dorian, @coffeesister

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published 2009 Jul 9
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