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2010 September 30th

"Strength will..."

And the winner is... Mikhael!

Strength will grow from the heart, blossom as results, and wither in others' hearts as seeds. ~Mikhael Dominico, @dcapz

Honorable Mentions

Strength will not help you if all you can do is move boulders, but strength along with courage can accomplish anything. ~Cody William Jenson, @CoJMontauk

Strength will come to you when you need it. That's God's way of caring from faraway. ~Vion, @vizsvion

Strength will lead you through the dark, show you the silver lining, hold you up when all else fails... as long as you believe. ~Tak, @Takhisis_uk

Strength will lead your way and Determination will keep you going! ~Flitz, @Flitzy245

Strength will carry you through no matter how deep the valley... surrender to your strength. ~Gunda, @godutch

Strength will come from your attitude when things go wrong. ~Quintus Nienaber, @Quinn25

Strength will consist the strength of ten if the heart is pure. ~@natalyS

Strength will endeavor no matter how hard failure persists. ~Isaac Macha, @ismacha

Strength will appear when you least expect it, yet need it the most. ~@milenacanizares

Strength will always prevail in those who seek to find it, and allow it to fill them. ~Tanya Gabriella Astley, @TanyaAstley

Strength, will power, determination and a pinch of you. That's the cocktail for success. ~Adarsh, @MrAdarshB

Strength will light your way in your darkest moments. ~Jenilyn, @jenilynsua

Strength will only come if we learn from our mistakes. ~John Stevenson, @steveo1967

Strength will come — if you believe. ~Franziska, @Purcky

Strength will ease a can't to a can. ~Kak Sri, @SriIsmail4

Strength will uplift hope for a lost soul. ~Susan Longmore, @Susan_Rodeo

Strength will bring joy. Joy will strengthen the human spirit. ~@evesgreenleaf

Strength will fade away in time, but faith will recharge it again. ~Fia Aulia Nurbina, @freakadellic

Strength will come when you need it most, in a way you never imagined. ~Ellie, @sapphiremoon13

Strength will always be with you, you just have to find it. ~Ann-Marie Hevey, @Kinkers

Strength will always be within. Remind yourself to find it in weak situations. ~Lindsay Bizjak, @loverface24

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published 2010 Oct 3
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