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January 19, 2012

"I ask of life..."

And the winner is... Joselyn!

I ask of life, simply that, Life. ~Joselyn Holguin, @JosyBaby

Honorable Mentions

I ask of life to shine meaning in everyone who is searching. ~RORIS, @roris1

I ask of life... but it doesn't always give me what I ask for, so I've stopped asking and started enjoying. ~Annelize Botha, @liela_botha

I ask of life the best of kindness, sincerity and forgiveness for the wealth of peace. ~Sri Ismail, @sanguinesri

I ask of life the innocence of yesteryears, the happiness of the present time and the peace of mind of future. ~Papiha Ghosh, @Soooper_Bakar

I ask of life happiness in the little moments, because those little moments pass so quickly, just as life does. ~Jessica Jurassic, @RocketteFTC

I ask of life to breathe goodness and all of its self into me so that my being may truly live instead of just existing. ~J', @Sevdolo

I ask of life to surround me with love, and never let me lose sight of what's really important. ~Amelia Bedilia, @BediliaAmelia

I ask of life that it makes me love, that it makes me laugh, and that it makes me learn. ~Amanda Foote, @19MandaPanda92

I ask of life that it move just a tad bit slower, for I'm not too anxious to get to the end. ~Louis Koukoulas, @louiskoukoulas

I ask of life these few things — be kind and play fair in whatever it brings! ~Emily Keith, @EmilyAnnK11

I ask of life to recognise my struggles and reward me not on my troubles. ~Hummie Hunk, @1Hummie

I ask of life only that which makes it worth living: the love of friends. ~Justin Regier, @Justin_Regier

I ask of life one simple courtesy: a fair fight. To which Life responds, LOL. In all caps. What a [B!#@%]. ~GameCTRL, @GameCTRL

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