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Terri’s Links & Thanks

– Google Books

– Internet Archive

– Phoenix Public Library

– VNSA Used Book Sale

– LibraryThing

– Merriam-Webster

– Encyclopædia Britannica

– The Quote Investigator by Garson O'Toole

– Better Living through Beowulf by Robin Bates

– Open Source Shakespeare

– Shakespeare's Words Glossary

– Mark Twain Quotes by Barbara Schmidt

– Founders Online by U.S. National Archives

– The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln

– Emily Dickinson Archive by Harvard Library

– Fake Buddha Quotes by Bodhipaksa

– Real Buddha Quotes by Bodhipaksa

– The New Robert Brault Reader

– Robert Brault, Twitter, @RobertBrault1

– Michael P. Garofalo, Green Way Research

– The Lincoln Project, protecting democracy

– Acopian BirdSavers, save birds from windows

– International Dark-Sky Association

– Save the desert & saguaros – article

– Save Our Saguaros! – website

– Food Not Lawns by Heather Jo Flores

– The Urban Farm by Greg Peterson

– Environmental Working Group

– Mozilla and Firefox, internet & privacy advocates

– PolitiFact, independent fact-checking

– Bill Maher, telling it like it is


– by Scott Monahan

– SkyView, stargazing app

– Moon Calendar by Rivolu

– Sol:  Sun Clock by Juggleware

– WhatBird by Mitchell Waite, bird identifier

– Coursera, online learning & free classes

– Agent Ransack & FileLocator Pro by Mythicsoft

– Notepad++, source code editor & notepad

– ReNamer by Denis Kozlov, file renaming

– Alarmed by David Mandell, reminders

– Iris by Daniel Georgiev, eye protection software

– Trader Joe's, neighborhood grocery stores

– Costco Wholesale, shopping & services

– Jon Kabat-Zinn

– Kenneth S. Cohen

– The Plum Village App by Thich Nhat Hanh

– Daily Zen by The Monkess & The Artist

– Good News Movement by Michelle Figueroa

    Sourced Quotation Websites

– Wish I'd Said That! by David C. Hill

– Quotations By Women by Rosalie Maggio

– Dictionary of Science Quotations

– My anonymous encyclopedic proofreader

– Janice, typo hunter & beautiful smile giver

– Steve, Grand Slam Computing

– Nathaniel Hawthorne, hooked me on quotations

– My family & supporters, you guys are the best!

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