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Monoculus Miscellany:
One-Eyed Quotes

I came across several of these single-eye quotations while researching the "ONE-EYED MAN IS KING" proverb. Subtitles under consideration for this page:  literary luscus, tuerto truisms, borgne bon mots, purblind proverbs, monops meditations, monophthalmic mottoes.  —ღ Terri

Tut, tut, here is a mannerly forbearance:
The truth appears so naked on my side
That any purblind eye may find it out.
~William Shakespeare, c.1592, Henry VI, Part I, c.1591  [II, 4, Richard Plantagenet, Duke of Gloucester]

Better to have one eye than be blind altogether. ~English proverb, quoted in A Collection of English Proverbs by John Ray, 1670

Let him that hath but one eye keepe it well. ~French proverb, quoted in A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues compiled by Randle Cotgrave, 1611  ["Qui n’a qu’un oeil bien le garde." —tg]

He that has but one Eye, had need look well to That. ~Proverb, restated, Gnomologia: Adagies and Proverbs; Wise Sentences and Witty Sayings, Ancient and Modern, Foreign and British collected by Thomas Fuller, 1732

A one-eyed man, who has not a film over the eye, conceals any sort of villany. ~Spanish proverb, translated by John Collins, 1823  ["Tuerto, y no de nube, sola piel gran mal encubre." Or, "Tuerto y no de nube, no hay maldad que no encubre." Refranes o Proverbios Castellanos Traduzidos en Lengua Francesa por César Oudin, 1609 –tg]

He that winketh with one eye, and seeth with the other,
I would not trust him, though he were my brother.
~English proverb, in A Collection of English Proverbs by John Ray, 1670

He has chang’d his one ey’d horse for a blind one. ~Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1733  ["The blind horse is hardiest." Scottish proverb –tg]

When my friends are blind of one eye, I look at them in profile. ~Joseph Joubert (1754–1824), Some of the "Thoughts" of Joseph Joubert, translated from the French by George H. Calvert, 1866

Here he went through the not very difficult process of winking upon the company with his solitary eye... ~Charles Dickens

A dessert without cheese is like a beautiful woman with only one eye. ~Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, The Physiology of Taste; or, Transcendental Gastronomy, 1825

An one-eyed woman is beautiful among blind women. ~Kashmiri proverb, in A Dictionary of Kashmiri Proverbs & Sayings, J. Hinton Knowles, 1885

It is better to enter heaven with one eye, than with two eyes to enter hell. ~Friedrich Schiller (1759–1805), The Robbers, 1781, translated by Christopher Wharton Mann, 1842

Monocular-eyeglass, n. The breech; bum; arse. ~Slang and its Analogues: A Dictionary of Heterodox Speech, John S. Farmer and W. E. Henley, 1890s

To learn about eye protection, ask someone who has one. ~Safety saying

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