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Super Bowl and Football
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The truth is the Super Bowl long ago became more than just a football game. It's part of our culture, like turkey at Thanksgiving and lights at Christmas, and like those holidays — beyond their meaning — a factor in our economy. Even people who don't like football tune in to watch the commercials. You can't say that about many things. ~Bob Schieffer, "More Than Just a Game," 2010 February 7th (Super Bowl XLIV)

[Y]ou're down to two teams. Football is probably America's number one sport, and everyone's looking forward to the game. It's almost like a world holiday... ~Terrance Knighton, 2014 January 30th (Super Bowl XLVIII)

It's ridiculous for a country to get all worked up about a game—except the Super Bowl, of course. Now that's important. ~Andy Rooney, "Baseball haters—but good sports," 1984 October 1st, Chicago Tribune

The Super Bowl is like a movie, and the quarterback is the leading man. ~Leigh Steinberg, quoted by @ESPNNFL, 2014 January 20th

You can go to the bank and borrow money, but you can't go to the bank and borrow a Super Bowl ring. The ring is like a crown. ~Joe Greene, 1975, unverified

I always wanted to win the Super Bowl so I could take it and hold it and see what lies beyond it. I think it may be the sun. ~Pete Gent, quoted by Ray Blount, Jr. in About Three Bricks Shy... And the Load Filled Up, 1989

The Super Bowl. No one misses this game, Jack; not the big one; not if you're an American. You are riveted every minute to this game. People are betting a million bucks a minute you are. Wealthy people selling insurance, beer, car batteries, beer, automobiles, beer, and beer. ~Robert Klein, "America's Pastime: Selling the Big Game," 1990 January 28th, The New York Times (Super Bowl XXIV)

The televising of football right now is just off the charts, it's so phenomenal between HD and cable cam and all the rest. I was just sitting in my living room the other day watching those two games and you're there. You're right there. You're in the game and the sound is great. It's phenomenal. It's the essence of live television. It's unscripted and beautifully choreographed. The technology is terrific. If you're in this business, there's no better day than this. ~Al Michaels, NBC Sports press conference, Super Bowl XLIII (2009)

If it's the ultimate, how come they're playing it again next year? ~Duane Thomas (Super Bowl V), quoted in Newsweek, 1971

I have no statistics to prove it, but I'm sure the American workplace will be adversely affected on Monday, the day after XXIV. The game will be the focus of conversation, and distractions happy and sad will be the order of the day, not to mention millions of hangovers. I wouldn't buy a toaster or a parachute manufactured the day after Super Bowl XXIV. You cannot engender such torrid anticipation for an event so great that it requires Roman numerals as a suffix, then expect there to be no social repercussions at its end. ~Robert Klein, "America's Pastime: Selling the Big Game," 1990 January 28th, The New York Times

[T]he Super Bowl, the quintessential American creation. A dizzying mélange of brilliant entrepreneurship in an atmosphere of intense competition. It is the perfect show for the most intensely competitive culture in this solar system. ~Robert Klein, "America's Pastime: Selling the Big Game," 1990 January 28th, The New York Times (Super Bowl XXIV)

Imagine, thirty years from now people will be talking about that Super Bowl or this Super Bowl. I mean, if people thirty years from now even know what football is. ~Robert John Kuechenberg, 1983, unverified

The score belongs on the society pages. To preserve the spirit of the occasion, the teams should have played in tuxes or swallowtail coats and corsages. It's not an athletic event anymore, it's a carnival. Mardi Gras with first downs. ~Jim Murray, 1980, unverified

Congress should not be like the Super Bowl where you have to have one team that's going to win and another team that's going to be a loser. ~John Breaux (b.1944), FOX News Sunday, 2004 December 12th, to Chris Wallace

The greatest gap in sports is between the winner and the loser of the Super Bowl. The winner has confetti, parades, rings, the whole thing. The loser puts his head down and goes to his house. ~John Madden, NBC Sports press conference, Super Bowl XLIII (2009)

Losing the Super Bowl is worse than death. You have to get up the next morning. ~George Allen, quoted in J. Mitchell Perry & Steve Jamison, In the Zone: Achieving Optimal Performance in Business — as in Sports, 1997

Is there a point at which every Sunday during the NFL season ceases to make a man feel like a kid on Christmas morning? ~Mike Alexander, @MADfit

It's time for the pro football playoffs. I love to watch football on TV, and I will tell you exactly why: I have no idea.... Whatever the attraction is, a lot of women seem to be immune to it. I have seen women walk right past a TV set with a football game on and — this always amazes me — not stop to watch, even if the TV is showing replays of what guys call a "good hit," which is a tackle that causes at least one major internal organ to actually fly out of a player's body. The average guy cannot ignore something of this importance. ~Dave Barry, "Fools For Football," 1994 January 16th, The Baltimore Sun

Only in a game like this do you see grown men playing patty-cake. It's the rawest of emotions out here. ~Cris Collinsworth, 2016 November 27th, Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

To be sure, every football play is in a sense a short narrative. First come the signals of the quarterback. That is the preliminary exposition. Then the plot thickens, action becomes intense and a climax is reached whereby the mood of tragedy or comedy is established. ~Heywood Broun, 1922

"Are you ready...?" The referee blows his whistle. It is a supreme moment. The pent-up feelings of the past year are suddenly released and one is brought face to face with the realization that within the coming two hours the pendulum of the Fates will swing either to victory or defeat. ~Percy D. Haughton, Football and How to Watch It, 1922

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