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Proverbs of Haiti

Shame is heavier than a bag of salt. ~Haitian proverb

Neighborhood is family. ~Haitian proverb

Hello is your passport. ~Haitian proverb

To hear does not mean to understand. ~Haitian proverb

Time goes but does not come back. ~Haitian proverb

If your boot is too tight, walk barefoot. ~Haitian proverb

To speak French does not mean wits. ~Haitian proverb

The tall tree sees far but the traveling seed sees farther. ~Haitian proverb

Weeds you do not want to grow in your garden, grow at your front door. ~Haitian proverb

You can shake your head but don't break your neck. ~Haitian proverb

It is on the mango tree full of fruits that they throw stones. ~Haitian proverb

Feet have no roots; everyone can fall. ~Haitian proverb

A straight stick looks crooked under water. ~Haitian proverb

Dust does not lift without wind. ~Haitian proverb

The medicine man never cures his own illness. ~Haitian proverb

The tongue is not the sea but it can drown you. ~Haitian proverb

Hypocrites are double-edged knives. ~Haitian proverb

You must lose time to have time. ~Haitian proverb

Water does not cross over holes; it must first fill the hole before it can move on. ~Haitian proverb

A woman is like mahogany — the older she is, the better she is. ~Haitian proverb

A dog has four legs but can't run on four paths at the same time. ~Haitian proverb

The doctor takes care of you but he is not God. ~Haitian proverb

A lot of small potatoes makes a big load. ~Haitian proverb

There is nothing hot that will not get cold. ~Haitian proverb

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published 2018 Jan 12
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